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We offer a complete course to build your own drone, covering aeronautics principles and how they work in drones. Drone parts with detailed description and its functions, how to calculate and design your drone according to the planned use. Assembling and configuration "step by step" instructions.
Build your own drone (basic level)
Instructor: Carlos Faría (My drone project founder and director)
Course preparation and revision: Eng. Prof. Francisco Di Zonno (Electronic professor of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela. Director of

1. Aeronautic principle.
2. What a drone (UAV) is?
3. Why build your own drone?
4. Parts of a drone.
5. Assembling a "QUAD" drone.
6. Configuration and test.

Duration: 8 hours (four sessions of 2 hours)
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